Tumbling Clinic

Ages: 11 & up

What is tumbling clinic?  

This is a clinic/class meant for Pre-teens and Teens.  In this clinic your student will learn all of the building blocks of tumbling and more!  Lesson plans change from week to week.   Lesson plans often include strength & flexibility training, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, build a front handspring, build a back handspring, build a back tuck, build a front tuck, and more.  Each student is challenged at their own level and pace.  Your student will spend time on our padded spring floor, competition trampolines, tumbling strip, and other equipment.  Tumbling clinic is great for athletes who need tumbling skills for other sports or for students who just want to learn. Tumbling clinic builds strength, flexibility, body awareness, safety skills, and tumbling skills, with an emphasis on proper technique.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can my student get the skill quicker?

Progressions.  Progressions.  Progressions.  Students who follow progressions get their skills faster.  This course has been set up to help students make progress quickly and safely.  For this reason KGA encourages all students to follow & master skill progressions, before attempting high level skills.  KGA’s formula requires breaking skills down into small attainable pieces, allowing for a higher success rate. When students master each portion of a skill it is simply a matter of putting the pieces together.

My child just needs to get the skill, why does she need to learn proper technique?

Proper technique + Proper progression=  Safety & Success

Proper technique & progressions are the keys to safety & success.  KGA places our students safety & well being first. KGA does not allow students to throw skills.  This is an unsafe practice.  Tumbling with improper technique, puts athletes at risk of stress fractures & catastrophic injury.  Research shows that when athletes follow progressions & tumble with proper technique risk decreases significantly.

What are your Instructor’s Qualifications?

Our instructors go through weekly rigorous skill technique training, safety training, and spotting training & practice.  KGA coaches are not allowed to spot back handsprings in the class setting, until they have mastered back handspring spotting technique.  Once a coach has gone through spotting training and has demonstrated mastery only then are they allowed to coach & spot a student on that skill.