Boys’ Teams




Klamath Gymnastics has a well established Competitive Gymnastics program. KGA’s goal is to enable every gymnast to train at a realistic and achievable level of personal success in order to promote self confidence and a lasting enjoyment of the sport of gymnastics that will benefit the gymnasts throughout their lives. KGA inspires its gymnasts to be the best they can be and to meet their personal goals and commitments.






The Klamath Gymnastics mandate is to provide the facility, the equipment and the coaching necessary to achieve excellence at all competitive levels at a reasonable cost to the parents. Students in the Intermediate recreational programs are assessed and selected for the Team program based on ability, the desire and the potential to pursue gymnastics as a competitive sport. In addition the gymnasts selected for this program must understand that competition level is a privilege that is earned.


Klamath Gymnastics Team Expectations

I will be respectful to others, including but not limited to, Parents, Coaches, Judges, School Teachers, fellow gymnasts, competitors and other children. I will put forth my best effort in school and in the gym. I will keep myself clean and healthy. I will be a role model to other students. I will have a positive attitude. I will be modest & humble.