Requirements for Employment

Requirements for Interview

  1. Turn in Resume
  2. Complete KGA employment application
  3. Complete & pass Criminal History Check
  4. Consent to spontaneous drug testing
  5. Sign Youth Protection Policy
  6. Sign Dress Code
  7. All employees must be able to safely exercise and lift.
  8. When considering a coach for employment KGA looks at the applicants ability to lead a group, ability to engage children in learning, energy level, attention to detail, ability to learn new materials, and concern for safety. All though a background in gymnastics is a plus, applicants do not necessarily need to have a background in gymnastics to be considered for employment.  KGA does rigorous weekly training with all staff members, no matter what their knowledge and background of gymnastics is.

Interview Process

  1. If there are any job openings, KGA will call qualified applicants and schedule a working interview.
  2. Working Interview:  Come dressed in proper attire.  For all coaching positions, applicants must demonstrate how they communicate and engage with children.
  3. Traditional Interview:  KGA staff will call you to schedule the traditional interview if you pass the working interview.
  4. KGA will call any applicants we decide on hiring.