Employee Dress Code


Tops:         KGA Shirt

Bottoms:   Dark yoga type pants, capris or long pants.  No baggy sweat pants for safety reasons. No cheer shorts.  Basketball Shorts acceptable.

Feet:          Bare foot (no socks due to slipping hazard).


Tops:         KGA Shirt

Bottoms:   Basket Ball shorts with spandex type shorts or pants underneath. Or exercise pants.  No baggy sweats.

Feet:          Bare foot (no socks due to slipping hazard).


Long Hair:               Must be secured tightly in a bun, ponytail, or braid.

Chin Length Hair:   Must be secured tightly half up in 1 or 2 ponytails or braids.

Bangs:                     Cut short or secured tightly back.  Bangs or other hair may not fall in front of face.


Participants bodies, nails, hair, and clothing should be clean and sanitary, before class.

Nails should be clean & short.


Piercings & Jewelry can be dangerous for coaches & gymnast.  We ask that all piercings & jewelry be removed before class.


KGA is a children’s facility, tattoos must be kept appropriate.  In appropriate tattoos must be kept covered.