About Team

How does my child qualify to join the team?

  1. Student must pass the following classes: Beginners, Intermediates, & Hotshots.
  2. Student must show, positive attitude, focus, & attention to detail.
  3. Student must show respect for coaches & other students.

The Team Commitment

Team: Gymnastics is a team sport, parents & students are committing to a team.   At meets we depend on all team members to contribute to our team score.  

Competition Season:  Parents & students commit to attend competitions from the start of season to end of the season.  Parents notify the Head Coach in writing when they have a scheduling conflict.

Attendance:  Students & Parents commit to attending all practices.  Parents call in when student is ill.  Parents make plans with coaches to make up for all missed practices.  Please schedule a private lesson to make up for missed classes.

Private Lessons: Private lessons can be scheduled with a team coach to make up for absences, and to work on needed skills.  Coaches may ask you to schedule a private lesson from time to time to help your student catch up with the rest of the group.  Private Lessons cost $35 per hour and must be scheduled at the front office.  Due to insurance liability KGA cannot provide private lessons for non-members.

Financial:  Your financial commitment is from season to season or the start of a competition season to end of a competition season.   Team parents set up autopay before joining the team.  We do not recommend quitting mid season as your financial commitment will continue through the end of the season.

Mandatory Equipment Fundraisers: All team members & parents are required to participate in equipment fundraisers to keep their space on the team. Equipment fundraising keeps tuition costs down and provides your student with the highest quality safety equipment.

Team Practice Dress Code

Leotard: Snug fit.  Loose leotards do not cover the gymnast’s bodies appropriately.  No biketards please.

Shorts:  Gymnasts may wear snug spandex shorts as long as it is not Meet Week.  No sweat pants, capri pants, cheer shorts, loose shorts, etc.

Hair:  Hair is neatly & snuggly pulled back into a bun, short ponytail, or short braid.  No long bangs, no long ponytails or braids. No hair in face. No unnatural hair colors at meets.

Other: No buckles, buttons, zippers.  No dangly earrings or other piercings. No necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings of any kind.  No hair ties on wrists or ankles.

*At Drop off & Pick up gymnasts are required to wear weather appropriate clothing, to enter & exit the building, including shoes.

Required Purchases

  • Competition Uniform: Team Leotard, Jacket, & Pants
  • Competition bag
  • Demonstration/ Camp Leotard

About Competitions

  • There are 2 seasons.  Fall (Sept- Nov) & Winter (Dec- April)
  • Each season ends with a State Competition.
  • KGA attends 2- 5 Competitions per season.
  • Possible Meet Locations:  Medford, Ashland, Grants Pass, Eugene, Roseburg, Coos Bay, Salem, Portland, and more.
  • Meets are usually Saturday anytime between 8am & 8pm.  Larger meets can be on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. 
  • Meets last approximately 4 hours. Gymnasts are excused after awards.
  • Meets are divided up into sessions by level.
  • Meet times are subject to change.  Expect times 1 to 2 weeks before.
  • Meet registrations cost on average $80- $100 per meet.
  • Gymnasts will get 2- 36.00 all around scores before leveling up.

About State

  • Level 2 does not typically go to state.
  • Our gyms standard to qualify for state is a 34.00 All- Around.
  • State fees should be paid as soon as your student qualifies.

Important Information

  • All accounts must be made current, before competition registration.
  • Gymnasts are automatically signed up & billed for every meet. 
  • Not Attending a meet? To avoid paying for a meet you are not attending, turn in a written notice prior to the registration due date.  Sponsorship dollars can not be used to pay for meets you are not attending.
  • Once KGA pays for the meet, there are no refunds.

Team Drop Notice

Dropping from the competition team requires written notice prior to the next competition season.  Competitive gymnasts complete the current competition season. Team costs are divided up amongst all team members,  therefore families who drop in the middle of the competition season are still liable for all fees until the end of the season.  

Hand Care

Daily Care

  1. After bars wash hands with soap and water.
  2. After practice moisturize hands with bag balm or another good quality hand cream.
  3. Periodically sand down calluses.

Rip Care

  1. Clip all loose skin off.  Make sure there are no skin flaps.
  2. Wash with soap and water. 
  3. Cover rip with antibiotic cream & wet tea bag, then wrap with tape, leave on overnight.  This toughens skin making hanging more bearable. 
  4. Next morning remove tea bag, apply antibiotic cream & bandage with bandaid & tape.
  5. Before practice re-apply antibiotic cream & bandage with bandaid & tape.  Ask a coach to make a tape grip for the student to use during practice.
  6. To prevent drying & cracking continue moisturizing often until hands are completely healed. 

Should I buy palm guards?

No.  KGA does not use palm guards.  Palm guards and grips do not completely prevent rips & hand pain.  In developmental levels it is important that we condition their hands for bar use.  

When should I buy grips?

Once a student starts training Competitive Level 4 & has successfully completed their Glide Kip Test, a Head Team Coach will measure your child’s hands, and let you know what brand & size grip your child needs.  

Should I buy Tiger Paws?

Gymnasts will get permission from a head coach prior to purchasing tiger paws.  Although tiger paws can improve wrist comfort while tumbling, their continued repetitive use can weaken the wrists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do other sports?  Yes.  As long as it does not cause stress, exhaustion, overuse injuries, attendance issues, and skill regression.  Other sports practices should not take the place of your gymnastics practice.

When does my student move up?  Students should have reached a 36.00 All Around Score twice while competing in their current level.  Students must have mastered their current level, and have all of the skills for the next level, before they can officially move to the next level.  Students must also have all side splits flat to the floor.

How do I help my student get his/her splits?  Stretching in class is not enough for most kids to get their splits to the floor.  Students should hold their splits at home for 3 minutes per side daily.

Should my child practice at home?  We recommend that students do not practice difficult skills at home.  However stretching & conditioning is highly recommended.  

Do I have to go to every meet?  All team members are automatically signed up for every meet.  If you are unable to attend you must let KGA know, in writing before the entry deadline, or you will be responsible for all meet fees and coaches fees.  Please do not tell the coaches verbally, and hope they remember.

Who gets to go to the State Championships?  State is held for levels 3 & up.  Gymnasts must earn a 34.00 all around score at a competition, prior to the state meet.