Youth Protection Policy

KGA serves children of all ages, and at times hires young adults.  For this reason we have established policies to aid in the protection of our youth.

  1. All KGA staff members are mandatory reporters.
  2. All KGA staff members must pass a criminal history check and consent to spontaneous drug testing before they will be allowed to work directly with children.
  3. Parental Monitoring. Parents are encouraged to become as active as reasonably possible in monitoring their child at any activity/event.
  4. Staff members may never be alone with a student or any group of Klamath Gymnastics’ students on or off Klamath Gymnastics, LLC premises  (including but not limited to,  gym, locker room, bathroom, office, vehicle, residence, etc), and avoid being alone with a child or any group of children in any place that is inappropriate to the coach-athlete relationship. When a one-on-one situation is necessary, such as private coaching lessons or conversations, conduct the activity within the view of another adult.  Staff members are not allowed to pick up or drop off students.
  5. Staff members may not exchange personal phone numbers or emails with students or their parents.   Parents and students are not allowed to call, text, or email staff members on their personal devices.
  6. Staff members may not store the phone numbers of students or their parents on their personal devices.  Staff members are not allowed to call, text, or email students or their parents from their personal devices.
  7. All calls, texts, and emails from staff members must go to parents and not to students, and must originate from the KGA client management program.
  8. Staff members are not allowed to spend time with students or their parents outside of work.
  9. Social Media.  Staff Members may not contact students or parents, or respond to students or parents, through social media.
  10. Pictures & videos.  Staff members, parents, and students should never take a photo or video of another student with out the permission of their parent first.  Pictures will be appropriate.  Never post a picture on social media with out the consent of the parent first.
  11. Adults viewing our classes from the lobby or from outside, must have permission from one of the student’s parents/ guardians.  Adults unattached to a student must check in at the front desk.  Spectators should make any suspicious characters or behaviors known to KGA front desk as quickly as possible.
  12. Anyone caught illegally violating the rights of a student, staff member, or parent in anyway, will be reported to the proper authorities immediately.
  13. If there is someone in particular that is not allowed to pick up your child from KGA, you must bring us a picture and written communication that this is the case.
  14. KGA staff members must walk children to the lobby and make sure they get to their adult.  No child will be allowed to wait in the lobby or outside for their ride.  Students must wait with their instructor on the floor, until their adult arrives.
  15. Drugs or Illegal Act.  Staff members will not condone or support any illegal acts.  Staff members may not provide alcohol or any illegal substance, or any medication to an under age child on or off the premises.